The server is available for connection but not visible in the list

  • I started my server on a machine running Windows 10 and gray IP and threw an SSH tunnel to it, from an external Ubuntu Linux server with dedicated IP and domain name over ports 2999, 3000, 3001

    The web interface of the server is available on port 3001. It's okay to connect to the server via the startup parameters (",3000,3001", checked itself, and also asked a person from the neighboring country to clean up the experiment), also says that the server is online, when check it. However, the server does not appear in the list of game servers, and when I add it manually, the game writes that the server is offline. What am I doing wrong?

    It's about the Steam version of the game (v., and the server that is installed from the Steam tools section

  • I successfully added the server manually using the port of the web interface 3001, but I do not understand why this is so? I thought, if the game port is 3000, then it should be indicated.

    The problem with the lack of a server in the search continues to be relevant.