Seperate rooms

  • I'm attempting to build my engine shop and two rooms are required. I've created the area, filled it all to the proper dimensions, separated it with a wall and put in a door. Still can't get it to notice that there are two rooms. Is there a trick to this?

  • So far it has worked for me every time with only have a 2 block opening in it and an actual door in that opening.
    Bit of advice though. Don't build the engine factory. It doesn't do anything. It's a placeholder building.
    It doesn't say placeholder, I know, but that's a known issue.

  • Oh, well, thanks for the answer and the heads up. I tried to do the 2 block opening with a door in it and it didn't work. Will try again with another building though.

  • The Nuclear building requires 3 rooms and needs to be build to win the game.
    You can try it there.

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