Destroyer of World Tier

  • Does anyone else think that $750 for a game feature is a bit high? I mean the $1000+ tiers are all things like "Meet the developers in Seattle" or "Add a new animal" non of which would directly affect gameplay. However the $750 tier does affect gameplay and has the potential to turn the game into a "I have the doomsday device because I had the money and now I rule the server" type of game. Before this tier the most expensive tier that had an effect was the $250 and $400 taming tiers, but even those didn't have as much of an effect of gameplay as the $750 does. Does anyone else think $750 for a game feature is too much? I mean I get everyone wants Eco to reach the 200k stretch goal, but is this the way to do it?

  • I mean $500 might even be ok, I just have a fear that the game will become a "Pay to win" game through kickstarter and maybe other sales down the line...

  • I agree the price is really high, so is the implications though. The 200k stretch goal has some really cool features, however I don't think many people have the $750 or wan to pay it to blow up a virtual world that can be recreated. It's an expensive way to be a troll. There will be plenty of different ways for trolls to screw with people, I do like the nuclear bomb idea. However, I would have seen it more as maybe $250 tier max. It needs the collaboration of multiple people or a group of people, it's not like the second they purchase the tier they can end any server. If anything,
    making it a lower price will assist in reaching the stretch goal because more people will spend a little extra for it.

  • Yeah It is way too much to be worth it, I even think there will be a mod very early on that will allow everyone to do it.

  • I would agree. I would increase my pledge from $250 to $500 if this tier was a $500 tier. But $750 is just too high....

  • @SnowHalo +1 I'd up from 300 to 500 but I still think it's way too much as all the backer features will likely be made available through mods.

  • I really wanted wolf taming, and would have loved this tier if it was $450-$500 for the wolf taming, then it might be worth it.

  • I agree @Metrotyranno

  • I think a warfare mod in general is bound to happen. Maybe to turn Eco into a part civilization game. Where zoning provides political conflict, therefore causing war to be waged. Nukes would probably be an end game weapon in that type of mod.

  • @JohnK any chance of making the tier $500 instead of $750? I think it would probably make more money that way, but that just my opinion. It will still be amazing game either way, I just think the price for this tier is high.

  • I think the price is OK, but the "last minute" nature of it isn't. I could definately afford an extra $350 next month, but not right now. I think they should give at least the people who backed high the option to pay the difference within a month or so after the campaign ends to get this tier.

    Actually, I really think they should do a Backerkit for this project, allow anyone to upgrade at any point after the campaign ends, and treat that as a second round of funding that might unlock stretch goals.

    I have noticed though that for the first time since the campaign started, people cancelling their pledges. I keep seeing the numbers go up and down. It's obvious that backers are having mixed feelings about this tier.

  • I like the idea of being able to upgrade after the fact, that might make it a bit more reasonable, hopefully @JohnK responds with a solution.

  • Yay! It looks like he's going to do it!

    "yeah we will likely do something like that. I also like the idea of this as a post-meteor challenge, I think it could work very well there too. It frames technology in the game as both savior and destroyer, a source of great power that can go either direction."

  • Adding something that could affect gameplay for the masses yet only available to the very few is a bit of a let down to be honest.
    Just have to see if your big gamble to get to 200k pays off.

  • I agree with Scots on the matter. But another fact is that it could still be moded. I'd have stronger negative feelings if we'd be told not to mod it in for everyone.

  • Thats good @Elliander. And I agree @Scots. Hopefully he will post details on here about how you can back the project after the kickstarter ends, so people can plan out when there going to spend there money, to, for example, upgrade from the $250 tier to the $750 tier

  • @SEJBR Servers could choose to not allow people to mod it and then only the actual backers who spent $750 could get it, unless they block that to, which they can, thanks to @Metrotyranno for bring that up. I guess we just have to see how it plays out.

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