Destroyer of World Tier

  • @SnowHalo, No, a server can choose NOT to allow backers to do it.

  • ^ Mods are installed server-side

  • It says public servers have to have it enabled. So is that saying there will be some official StrangeLoopGames servers?

  • @Iramos15 I think thats what is is implying, but I don't think there has been any official word on that. Maybe someone who has kept track of how the servers will be set up will know more

  • @lramos15, yeah there will be some official SLG servers

  • @Metrotyranno Yes, sorry, I had to reread over the tier description.

  • I posted this as a comment under the announcement, but I am re-posting it here because it seems like this idea could potentially be less of a let down for those of you who don't want to see it restricted to the few:

    "Suppose that I use my license as the server host rather than the player. What if I had the ability to temporarily transfer a Kickstarter exclusive ability to a player in the world - with or without that player's initial knowledge - for their duration in that world? I would still retain that ability in other worlds, and they wouldn't be able to carry the ability to another world. So I could, for example, create a world and select a player to get the ability to craft a nuke either at random or based on how they are playing. In this way I could encourage players to join my world with an announcement that someone who doesn't already have the ability would gain the ability to craft the doomsday weapon for certain, while another player would gain the ability to tame wolves, and another player would gain the ability to tame just hares.

    This option would create additional incentive to back at the higher tier (either before the Kickstarter ends or shorterly after) and also allow players who cannot afford it the possibility of having something they missed out on. The number of people who can do it won't increase either since the server admin is giving up their right to use it for the duration of that wold.

    Alternatively, maybe there could be an option where players can - in game - sell such an ability. Again, it wouldn't transfer permanently. Just the duration of the world. Still, if a player has the ability to create a doomsday weapon and would rather play to try and stop it they could sell it to someone who may or may not ultimately be the one to push the button. At that point that player with the doomsday weapon skill can play the role of putting greed before common sense at the expense of the world itself."

  • So far todays pledges are the highest since 10 or so days So I'd guess the tier worked It's magic. We'll see tomorrow how it'll look. Some people have quite a negative fell about the tier as Elliander said.

  • @Elliander maybe player getting physical "blueprint" of the device to do with it as he wishes in game?

    Edit: You could even manually hide it in the world for a random person to find on their way.

  • Oh, hiding the skill! That's a great idea! And of course, if I can tame wolves no reason why I can't sell the tamed wolf or pet rabbit.

    One advantage of being able to transfer: Just because you know which player blew up the world last time doesn't mean you know who is going to blow up the world this time ;)

  • @Elliander, you normally don't have to use one of your game licenses to host servers. Look at how valve or minecraft does it. Minecraft you don't need to own the game and valve sometimes requires you to log into your steam account to get certain assets, but you can also login anonymously to host. I think it would be a little bit ridiculous if it required one of your licenses to host a server.

  • @Iramos15 Some games do require to own the game to be able to download the server through steamcmd.

  • Will this feature forever be locked to the 50 people that pledge 750$, or will we be able to enable this for ourselves maybe after release? Of course theres always the option of mods...

  • @Metrotryanno that's what I meant when I said log into your steam accounts to download assets. I'm just saying if it consumed your key, that would be ridiculous. I assume Eco won't be using steamcmd because that's primarily a valve game thing. I dislike streamcmd, I find it difficult to be honest.

  • @lramos15

    You bring up a good point. Still, in principle, some way for the server host to create some kind of a lottery to give these abilities to players at random would be nice. If it did require an ability granted by the license maybe let my player license transfer inability to the server to make it work. Or maybe let anyone do that. Someone could just donate an ability to the server. Having some mechanic in place to let people who didn't back that high try the ability out without having to buy it from another player would be great, although just being able to buy it from a player at all means are technically accessible. If enough players have it in a world you might even have the weapons of mass destruction emporium.

  • @Elliander, I think John wants these abilities to be more exclusive. The only way I could see this working is your key has two parts to it, you can get a consumer key and a server key. Then when you host the server you put in a server key, it adds a couple of commands that can be used to give these abilities to someone. If the server key is left empty, it just gives you the default stuff. SLG could handle the server keys because only the top tier backers would need them.

  • The server key approach sounds good. I was just thinking that if you could transfer it the ability would still be in limited use while opening it up to others.

  • @SnowHalo It looks like he increased the Wolf tier to 30 from 15 (so you can upgrade to that now!) and decreased the Destruction tier to 10 from 50.

    I wonder if his plan is to keep the maximum at 40, but allow people at the Wolf tier to upgrade to Destruction after the campaign?

  • @SnowHalo - looks like there are more wolf tier slots available now! :)

  • @Elliander I hope people at the $175+ tiers can upgrade to the destroyer tier after the kickstarter ends, that would be cool!

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