Destroyer of World Tier

  • @Elliander, I think John wants these abilities to be more exclusive. The only way I could see this working is your key has two parts to it, you can get a consumer key and a server key. Then when you host the server you put in a server key, it adds a couple of commands that can be used to give these abilities to someone. If the server key is left empty, it just gives you the default stuff. SLG could handle the server keys because only the top tier backers would need them.

  • The server key approach sounds good. I was just thinking that if you could transfer it the ability would still be in limited use while opening it up to others.

  • @SnowHalo It looks like he increased the Wolf tier to 30 from 15 (so you can upgrade to that now!) and decreased the Destruction tier to 10 from 50.

    I wonder if his plan is to keep the maximum at 40, but allow people at the Wolf tier to upgrade to Destruction after the campaign?

  • @SnowHalo - looks like there are more wolf tier slots available now! :)

  • @Elliander I hope people at the $175+ tiers can upgrade to the destroyer tier after the kickstarter ends, that would be cool!

  • @SnowHalo I hope so as well! Honestly, I am pushing my budget just backing at the $400 tier. It's just a shame that Kickstarter doesn't allow campaigns to be extended.

  • This is a horrible idea. Not the tec itself, but limiting something so pivotal to backers (of any level) makes it a pointless waste of time for developers. The whole justification behind pets and other backer only items is that they will have little to no real game effect. That's what makes it fair to those who come later. But this is a world ending device! There is no way you can clame it'll have no effect and no way to ever make it fair.

    I get why you want to limit it. It'd stink to put in so much time just to be nuked by a troll. I could imagine some people would even stop playing if that happened to them. But if you want it to be part of the game don't restrict it. Make it very hard to achieve for sure so that the ending is rare if you make it part of the game at all.

  • Looks like World Destruction Tier is sold out at 6. Wolf tier still is only cap at 30. Wonder if they changed their ideas on it. Did they ever comment on how they would go about trying to adjust this around modders. I do not see it being very easy to restrict out a open source developer from modding it in.

  • Great news everyone!!!

    John just posted this on Kickstarter...

    "Hey all, just wanted to say I definitely hear you in regards to the Destroyer tier, and we're going to change it/remove it. The idea was that it would be a cosmetic thing and thus suitable for a high-level Kickstarter tier, basically letting a player 'be the meteor' functionally, but its not been taken like that, and its doing more harm then good, so we'll adjust it and offer refunds to those that backed (past the KS campaign too). I'd still like to explore a design expanding 'players as villains' in the game, but will do so later in development in an inclusive way, where we're not beholden to backers who paid the $750. So thanks for the feedback all, we intend this game to be super community oriented, and let's call this the first example of that :) And now on to our final day..."

    @JohnK listened and thats great! I think that the fact that he is putting the community before more money was the right choice, but I'm sure it wasn't a easy one. Just want to say thanks John! I think you will make many people happy from your decision. :)

  • EDIT: Now irrelelvant (tier cancelled - thanks for the heads-up @SnowHalo)
    There are 10 "Destroyer of Worlds" spots on Kickstarter (excluding the higher tiers), and 5 are already taken at the time of writing this. Considering the magnitude of the impact just one of these people can have on every other players in a server, I can understand why the initial asking price is what it is.

    A side effect of this tier is also the fact that these people, once identified, may be singled out as soon as they are recognised (from previous/other servers) which means there may be a bias (unless they can change usernames).

    Having a "world destroying" bomb doesn't make you instantly malevolent, only your <u><i>intent</i></u> to cause devastation does. Perhaps these people could also use the nuke to blow up an incoming asteroid in space? Even if blowing up an asteroid only makes it smaller perhaps it will be enough to deflect the smaller asteroid pieces or reduce the overall damage/aftermath?

  • @stuvik check Kickstarter comments... the tier has been canceled

  • @SnowHalo ok cheers.

  • @JohnK

    I really do like the concept of "Players as Villains" though. Maybe announce it as a mini stretch goal? Like, at 210k or even at 225k we won't just see the nuke as a core feature, but other ways to either doom the world or cause disaster. Having an easier to reach stretch goal just beyond your current target is an important motivator and in this case will repair some of the perception problem.

    I'm sure a new tier would help of course. Maybe a slightly higher cost version of rabbit and wolf tier which allows an extra license to have the same rewards? So I could give a wolf to a friend.

  • @iramos15 "I'm just saying if it consumed your key, that would be ridiculous."

    That's not how steamCMD works, steamcmd connects to your own steam account and looks if you own the game in order to download and update the server software. It doesn't consume keys etc, it just looks for the permission.

  • i worry that anyone with a backer icon will be hazed as a potential destroyer of worlds.

  • @SketchBookGames The reward is scrapped

  • also if i made the doomsday object i would put it up for sale in the shop lol

  • Well, that was quite a rollercoaster :) We'll explore the design ideas through development, and it gives us a lot more freedom to not have it tied to a high paid tier with expectations. We'll find some other way to implement it in a limited fashion. Player-as-villain will still be a part of the game, we'll work on it as we go.

  • Thanks @JohnK for the comment. I think that is a great idea!

  • Ironic if you think about it: Those who seek the path to destruction only find their own ;)

    I think there are many other ways to implement destruction, such as sabotaging a nuclear reactor and triggering a nuclear winter, or building a weapon that either accelerates or draws in meteors. It would be especially interesting if you allowed people to build hidden underground lairs that make tracking the location more difficult so the evil masterminds can have their find laughing maniacally... alone.

    The only thing that concerned me was this possibility: A Troll rigs a deadman switch to their body. Threatens to doom the world if they don't get to be dictator. So either the players give in or watch the world burn. In such a scenario giving players a way out (specifically when the villain delays in pressing the button) would be helpful. Maybe a delay counter like in all those classic movies. So other players get to be James Bond or Austin Powers or something along those lines.

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