New Player Effect, Diseases!

  • So as the topic suggest we could implement things like diseases.

    So the basic form of this idea is that you can get sick which can either cripple you or just make things harder for you, for example:

    • You could be running around a lot between different biomes with different temperatures and eventually you could get sick with the flu and that would cause you to loose calories more faster, make you sprint much less, basically you would be more sluggish, so to get over the flu you'll need more vitamins so the more you eat certain foods the quicker the flu goes away.

    Now there are many more diseases that can be implemented like:

    • Malaria

    • Frostbite etc.

    So what does this open up, well there can be a new skill "tree", "Medic or Physician" or whatever.
    There can be new items like a surgical mask to avoid spreading airborne diseases or a surgical saw to amputate disease rotten limbs ( this seems like it could brake a game but at least be able to break bones from falling to high etc.)

    Just some ideas, will post more if I can think of any :p

    This was a bit dark but could be fun or could brake the game :p