reset config

  • Hello everyone
    incidentally i added Mouse 0 (left click mouse) like a second TAB button. Now it is impossible to reset it, to enter in key configuration or play the game. I reinstall the game, but seams user key config is saved somewhere else and didnt reset.
    Please, tell me where it is saved to delete it before reinstall.
    And please, add some function in beginning to make possible to do reset to default setting.
    thank you

  • Good evening. I too did the same thing. I added the left click mouse button and now I can not select anything from escape menu nor can I locate where this data is saved. I deleted the game and reinstalled in hopes that it would reset but did not work. Please help. At this time I can not play the game.

  • try going to "C:\Users\YOURNAME\AppData\LocalLow\Strange Loop Games" and deleting the Eco folder, and then reinstall the game.

  • Its work. THank you littlechompz. I hope this bug will be fixed soon

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