Build from stockpile and work clothes

  • I think it's great how the game limits what I can carry around when it comes to large components such as dirt, stone and building materials. Gives an incentive to build carts, and therefor roads.
    However, it is a chore building larger buildings, especially if they have multiple floors. Getting back down to the stockpile every 10th block quickly becomes hard work, rather than fun progression.
    I suggest that the large items carried by a player will replenish from nearby stockpiles, as they are spend.
    This ability could be locked behind a skill, or more interestingly behind cloth or equipment.
    Say you need a builders jacket to automatically restock on building materials, and a construction workers helmet to restock on road blocks.
    This would also give tailoring more importance, and open up for even more "abilities from clothing" (teamsters pants allowing you to pack more mass into carts, haulers boots to carry more items and move carts faster, miners helmet to provide light, hunters vest to recover arrows from cadavers, fisherman's boots to highlight fish traps, and so forth). The more abilities and the less stats we gain from cloth, the more interesting.
    This however, should not turn into an RPG loot-fest, but should support the great systems already in the game.

  • Hmm, auto resupply... with the new trucks that will be in the game since they are flatbeds how about a crane to loft up larger amounts to higher places that we can deliver to stockpiles/chest on floors? as well as the new things in tailoring? smaller space required stockpiles that hold half height? cause right now I usually just bring a cart along with me to roofs and such higher places to reach the stockpiles I have on the ground to keep from running all the way back down to reach the mats I need to build with. So instead of cart's to do this how about a station that could double as a pulling function like the cart does? just spitballing here :)...

  • A smaller stockpile would be nice too. Never did the cart trick, will try it out, even if it seems a bit silly (like daisy chaining stockpiles/chests).

    Feel the crane thingy could be really cool. Perhaps we could access the crane head, to get access to the stockpile of its vehicle.

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