New Profession (WM) Waste Management...

    1. Profession - Waste Management

    2. Specialty

      1. Refuse - The specialty to create garbage ben's / Dumpsters...
      1. Landfill - The specialty to create landfills...
      1. Recycle - The specialty to create recycling centers...
      1. Energy Conversion - The specialty to create Electricity from garbage...

    The basic need to be able to destroy an item is in great need! so instead of "destroying" an item why not make it where we need a professional to manage the amount of waste we make. This will give the player the ability to throw things away that is no longer needed or to recycle them into base mats, of course with a 50/50 loss in mats or better. Have a landfill ability to allow other players to dump their garbage in that location with fees, environmental impacts and more. Moving onto waste to energy conversion, with this ability we can have waste in the form of debris from the landfill or pure garbage to have an incinerator to create power for a town.

    this would be a nice Profession to see in the future exp; with the new update coming out to increase the player base per server...

  • That is quite interesting, and it has the potential to improve on our needs to have more, varied buildings and rooms.
    Perhaps the latrine might become important for more than just housing quality, and advanced WC's that empty them self - if they have pipe-connection to a septic tank.
    As we burn calories, our maximum calorie count could be reduced by one-tenth of what we burned, resetting only as we enter a room with a latrine. Suddenly we would build small outhouses in our mines, near our farms, and along long roads (on larger worlds).
    The WM professional would travel from house to house, collecting waste and bringing it to a dump. Later on, as pipes takes over this role, he/she can focus on possessing waste.
    In addition, workstations should all create waste, starting to fill our chests until we get rid of it. Garbage cans might auto-pull such waste, so we don't have to manually sort it out of our chests.

    Do you think waste should be bulky items (akin to building materials, ores and wood), or small items?

  • I think "waste" should be both Carry and non-Carry items depending on what it is. And I agree with workstations should all create waste, right now they have no impact on the environment except for the mats needed to make them. Having workstations that create waste is a great idea to expand on the principle of the game to keep the environment clean. This should increase the desire to have a WM profession and give it more of a role in the game.

    The auto-pull function is already sorta in the game, as each craft station creates items it goes to the first chest on the list. Now I've seen a proposal for an extra tab for input/output destinations that would be nice, and include a waste tab to this and we are good to go.

    With the Latrine and having to use it, we should have a water treatment plant for this and have a sewer system with pipes that take the waste to the treatment plant. I don't know how they would implement this in the game right now as water has an issue with movement.

  • After playing the game for a bit and trying to figure out how to implement a whole “profession” into the game for waste management I've come up with a few more ideas and would like to share with the devs and everyone else…

    • Refuse - This Specialty should focus on creating and managing the garbage bins and dumpsters. This tree would incorporate the Efficiency skill in making 3 types of bens/dumpsters as well as speed in crafting. We would need 3 types of mats for each level of ben/dumpster starting with wood, metal, and plastic. As well as a specific stockpile made from wood/stone.

    • Landfill - This specialty should open up the ability to create a landfill, now with landfills, we should have efficiency and speed of decomposition, the ability to have compostability, and re-usability. Compost should include high fertile soil, fertilizer, and farm waste disposals such as food, seeds, meat and other edible materials. When it comes to efficiency this will allow the player to store and more items per landfill, where the speed is the amount of real time it takes for an item to decompose and vanish.

    • Recycle - should have both the efficiency and speed but with an added 3 types of buildings and use. The 1st building made should be wood items, the ability to make fiber/wood pulp. The 2nd building made should be metal, ability to make scrap metal for resale to smiths and other metal items such as tools, lamps etc; A 3rd building should be oil by-products. Ability to recycle them into useful items for the engineering tree.

    • Energy Conversion - the ability to create incinerators that can produce energy. Now I've been contemplating this skill tree for awhile and the only thing I've come up with is adding the efficiency to convert debris into power. With maybe an ability to have a pollutant skill to decrease the amount of air pollution made.

    When it comes to environmental impact, the landfill should produce both air and land pollution and the incinerator air pollution. The Recycle centers should not have a huge impact on the environment as it is seen as a “Green” way of waste management. This idea is worthwhile as it will teach as well as give gamers a new profession in the game and help resolve some issues with storing items in the chest and just forgetting about it. In our age, we don't do that we use landfills and recycle center to accomplish this task. Any ideas and discussions on this would be welcome to make it better and give the dev team a real roadmap thanks for your time.

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