Logged in as new character over normal character

  • This morning I logged into our server (Day 6-7) and I was loaded in as a new character. My old character still shows on the lists.

    I am a Steam user, did not have a copy before the Steam release.

    I gifted a copy to a friend (who plays on the same server) and he had the game prompt him 2 or 3 days ago about which character was his. It gave him an option of his character or mine.

    He hasn't logged on again since I received this issue, it might be resolved if he is given the option again.

    We are currently on the normal Steam release build and on a privately hosted server.

  • New addition to this story. Someone I don't know is being logged in as me. He was looking to start a new character on our server but is being given my character.

  • My friends account, the gifted one on the same server, isn't having any issues or was he asked about his character at login.

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