Cheater? Crash?

  • Hello, Not sure to report this, but would like your guys opinions. I do have my server slightly increased for XP rate, but not so high that its amazing, But I noticed someone on my server had completed everything possible in a matter of a 5-6 hour span, Has a huge huge house, has been able to have all machines in a Tier 1 building with no sign of tier 2+ items that require it. has chests stacked it just all seems odd, Is there some kind of dupe bug or something that could cause him to have this ability? I also notice that the server crashes every once in a while while this player is online. I would like yalls opinion. as people on my server also tried doing what he did hardcore and havent even come close to where he was in a 5-6 hour period. Any information is appreciated.

  • I will be in contact with you via pm

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