[Server bug] sudden animal death

  • Hi, had a server running with the latest build. Nothing was really build in the world. After a while all animals died and i don´t know why?
    I have to confess, i tweaked some things like tree seed dropping, Camas seed dropping and Reproduce time.

  • known issue .. they all die of hunger and old age :/

  • So. After running the server (alpha 0.2) for a while i still got the same problem =\

    Is there some fix for it, cause it makes the game unplayable :(

    Or does anybody know a way to fix this. Maybe via editing the config file?

    Server_stats ver0.2_1.png

  • Fix incoming! Next release.

  • I'm glad to hear it'll be fixed in the next release! I've been trying to use the new Kitchen, but the rapid decline of Elk has made it very difficult to get enough raw meat to research 'Butcher' after Day 2.

    This graph shows the high starvation rate on this world (server: eco.arnieshomebrew.info), which currently only has 2 active players.


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