LazyAdm Unclaim users in a list using Pradoxzon's AdminUtils

  • Hi, i recently made a script to call the /unclaimall command of the AdminUtils mod on a list of people.

    This an user script, it's automatize input, just like you typed it. You dont need to install it on your server. The only requirements are to have the Pradoxzon's AdminUtils mod correctly installed and the right to use the command /unclaimall.


    Because AutoHotkey compiled scripts (the software used to make this) tends to be detected by antivirus software as malware, i provide it in two forms, one as plain text usable by downloading AutoHotkey and one compiled and directly usable.


    Make a txt file name "unclaim.txt" in the same folder of the script. List inside the users you want to unclaim.

    Launch the script. If all is good you should see a white H on a green background in your tray.

    Launch the game. Log into your server.

    From the start of the script to the end you must wait without use your keyboard or your mouse. Your chat should not be open. To start the script press Ctrl + U.

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