Tomatoes desperately need a change

  • That looks like a pretty damn good farm plot to me, but within 4 hours over a quarter of the tomato plants are dead. None of the other vital plants need to grow for 24 hours, none of the other plants are as needy as tomatoes, none of the other plants die as quickly as tomatoes. I have regularly planted and harvested fields of 50+ beet, berry, bean plants with 70% match and barely any of them die. Why do tomato plants need to be planted in heaven itself to grow properly? I know about fertilizer but I feel like we shouldn't need to put a bunch of skill points into a new specialization just for one plant.

  • Regarding your farm specifically, your tomatoes are too close together, crops need space between them.

    However, I agree with your main point that tomatoes are disproportionately the very hardest crop to grow. But, I think mainly that's because all the other crops are way too easy. One low-skilled player without even using fertilizer can grow more than enough for himself, making farming specialization pointless.

  • There is a Bug with Tomatoes that can cause Soil Moisture Change to 50%, deadly for Tomatoes.
    If this Bug does not happen, i can easiely plant them like this:

    and like 60-70% will survive.

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