Unable to create or join world.

  • Every time I try to either create a new world or join a server, the game "closes" to my dashbar and sends me to my home screen/desktop. Then when I tab back into the game it shows me just the forest without any of the options to create a new world, join a server, or quit until i hit escape on my keyboard. I thought since it went from fullscreen to my desktop, I'd try to have the game set on windowed mode so I did so and then tried to create a new world and after starting to load something it went straight to just the forest "background" of the game start screen then I pressed escape and it went back to the main menu. I tried using windowed mode to join a server and the game just crashes. I just got the game last night and had no trouble installing it, the game runs at 60fps just fine so I don't think its a problem with my laptop. Let me know if there's anything I can do to fix this other than waiting for another patch or full release.

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