Server Problems

  • I am running the eco server through steam. I have opened the ports 3000 and 3001, and I changed my personal computers firewall settings so that the eco server doesn't get blocked. Once the server is started, when I go to the network tab it says "NAT detect error: Exception of type 'Open.Nat.NatDeviceNotFoundException' was thrown." I am pretty new to setting up servers, but I assume this means that no one will be able to join. I do have auto detect nat enabled and read on the wiki that I might need to make it false. I know for a fact that people on my network can join (which makes sense), but I am not sure what the problem is, or how to solve the problem. Thanks.

  • You can desactivate this option put it on false.

  • Am I supposed to deactivate the setting if I manually opened the ports.

  • The Nat option would mean you don't have to use the port numbers, the nat version will create it's own ports what it can find open, so if you disable Nat make sure you have set in the settings to 3000 and 3001 in side the server app

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