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  • I am creating a tool for my server users to be able to click a button and have there continue button return to our server when they been on a local or another remote server, since this is a private tool I have not really looked at it from a public point of view yet.


    It will support adding Continue and Fav, I have not yet created the future to read the favs already created and add a new one so this is not
    included, and for a already local continue I will just rename the already created Continue file and replace it and have a restore option later on
    since this was private use I didn't see the need for it at the start.

    The app also has a option to convert the domain to IP as I been having big problems and so have so many others with domain names in the
    app, but when it's using it's IP it's 100% fine so all I can see is it's failing to convert domain to IP in the game client, so as a not recommended option we also include a IP converter(convert domain to IP)

    Is this something others will be interested in? if so please reply and I will look in to making it public, at the moment it's still very basic and in places broken as I been lazy lol but I am working on it.

  • why is this needed exactly?

    you can manage favourites from the game itself, no need for an external applicataion.

    And what sort of problems are you talking about?

  • I have posted the problems every where, the server list is buggy as HELL everyone and I mean everyone I have talked to about it have said the same, streamer, other players all find that soon as the server list starts to load it's almost impossible to use the list, Yes I know it's beta but still buggy as hell.

    Also this is made very clear it's also made for the Continue play, without ever having to even open the server list and get lag and crashing on hi end systems that server list can lock up and crash's the game, this are facts given to me by my players, streamers we have watched and myself I seen it first hand happen one 3 systems all happing around the same time.

    It's just a little tool to know it's already there, it also removed the wonder did the game save that fav or not, as not all the time it does.
    it's just a ease of access app nothing more nothing less.

    And I found that the game does not always convert domains to IP sometimes so it returns server offline when this is fault so to
    test this the tool can convert and save the continue file for you with the IP to 100% make sure the IP is right.

  • Well you can also hit my CTK api to gather the active servers list, it's auto updated every 10mins. This way you can show the list of server a user can add, and help them out like this.

    Personally, I never had any issues in the server list page.

    TIP: Avoid using statements like "buggy as HELL". It does not solidify the point you're trying to make. ;)

  • I post things how I can, I wanted to say something else and couldn't think of what to say, CTK as a API, maybe I need to read the page on that more later on as it would be useful.

    Another future use for this tool is a launcher for lazy users they can have there server already to play without ever using the server list, they would just add it to the launcher and very time they click play it would add there server at the time to there continue, it could also create a shortcut so no app is seen it does the changes on the fly so there fav server is a icon away rather then a few clicks away lol

    Yes that is big problem here, sorry but many of you see it that way as you don't have the issues so you look at it the wrong way or think that the user is doing it wrong, I respect your work and view but remember some of us spend hrs if not days or even weeks debuggy things as well as yourself :)

  • I appreciate the reports of bugs, but when reporting it's always more useful to take a calm note, it really helps you explain things a lot better, this will also aid the developers in finding the bug that you're experiencing and fixing it.

    If you need help implementing the server list as mentioned above, feel free to contact me via discord, I can help you out.

  • I think you just judge a book by how it types there what is very wrong of you, I type the way I think at the time I am dyslexic so I say things as I can, there for you made a big mistake there and without knowing it you have been very ugly, don't worry this is a problem with everyone on the internet even me at times we all judge but we shouldn't .

    I would report my findings when I found them to discord but the offical blog for eco I am blocked from as the mod Pam is unacceptable in there ways, they didn't just block a normal discord account but they have blocked all that use our IP and there is at lest 3 of us here that use eco, also I was blocked with no warning or contact via that person, just because they can't accept I helped someone with the game before I owned, it ... or wait if it was not for helping my friend out I wouldn't now own the four pack of the game, BUT that is not the subject here, that does just upset me, as I would of reported it there and then and when trying to submit the bug via the game I also had a github problem not game problem with my account password, so all is fun.

    So I dug myself and tried finding the problems myself and I did, and I do put the time in, a few users have liked my tool idea so like I said it's a tool of ease only but it's still useful for testing if the domain is a problem and so on :)

  • I will be updating here but mostly via discord as this tool is really just for a set view but I welcome others to use it if they want it so feel free to come join in at since the tool is able to create the Continue and Fav files, there are many other options we could edit/create.

    I might make it to a launcher I might make it in to a much larger multi tool, who knows, I did it cos I could :P

  • Does anyone know if eco reads the json file in some kind of order or does it not matter, as different json options right them in strange orders some don't care about this but some do so I just wondering is eco like this, I will be testing this later but it would mean I could just encode my table back in to json if it does not matter.

    At the moment I am creating the json manually just so I can make sure it's in order, but if this not needed then less human error :)

  • They are using the NewtonSoft.Json serialization, you can google specs and how it works for more info

  • Thanks ClayC, I have moved this over to eco-mod, felt more fitting, I tried to explain a little more there and I hope we can talk more over there, that will help a lot with trying to get it to match up thanks

  • Just to prove to you that I am not talking out of my a$$, attached find a recorded gif of the list.

    Also, you have a stop button at the top of your screen which you can make use of.

    This will be my last message to the thread, but I wanted to make it clear how this is hardly an issue.

    The GIFt

    sadly I wasn't able to post it into here as the file is 100mb in size.

  • This topic no longer belongs here and no one asked you to prove yourself.

    If there is any admin about feel free to lock this topic, thanks.

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