Game will not launch with active internet connection

  • Good Evening,

    So I promise this is my last resort! I admittedly did a quick glance over the forums to see if anything has come up similar, but after 3 hours of google, not a single match has come up. I even tried other forums with different games where people had a similar issue but no luck.

    I purchased Eco through steam, and it was running great until last night. In steam while connected to the internet, the game will launch for about a half a second and then will disappear. Steam says the game is running, but my PC does not detect an instance of Eco anywhere.

    It only does this for Eco ( i have 100+ games that have no problem)

    I have to task manager close steam and disconnect my internet and start in offline mode, and then launch the game. I can resume internet and the game will run just fine. I have tried disabling the antivirus i have, I have disabled my firewall, everything.

    The only think i can think is that the game has some sort of "tunnel adapter" on startup and my PC does not like it.

    Any thoughts?


    Best Regards,

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