[US/East][24/7][Discord] Eco Kingdom - A New Vanilla Server With 3x Skill Gain [New world 3/05/18]

  • Eco Kingdom is a brand new server that will be launching on Monday, March fifth! We hope that posting this early will allow players a chance to discover our server and talk before the server launches, as many enjoy the excitement of being one of the founding members of a new settlement as opposed to being a new citizen in an already established town. Eco Kingdom is a vanilla server that hopes to host a great variety of players of all kinds, all working together to accomplish their goals!

    If you are interested, why not stop on by our Discord server and introduce yourself? We would love to hear from some of you! You can access our Discord server here: https://discord.gg/r7GDenm

    Once you've joined our Discord, feel free to talk to some of the other members, get to know your fellow players, or discuss ideas and plans for the upcoming world! Want to be a chef and think it would be a good idea to set up some kind of deal with a farmer? Want to discuss potential laws for the town? Whatever you want to talk about, our Discord server is the place to do it!

    We hope many of you will join us on our adventure to save the world, as we aspire to have a functional town with every citizen pitching in to make this city run like clockwork with everyone playing their part in a big scheme to save the planet!

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