Re-spawns and map feedback

  • Re-spawns

    This might be unpopular with some but the re-spawn rate in this game is so high and to such an extent that you as a player can have little not no impact on the world around you.

    The re-spawn rate and system really should be changed or re-thought. As an example i cleared an area and left 1 tree in 5 mins there was 5 saplings from that one tree so thought to my self its the tree. cut it down the saplings keep showing up. seems to be related to static re-spawn points generated when the map is made so if you remove the stump a tree with re-spawn at that point even if no other trees are around for more then 50 away.

    re-pawns with destroy planted crops as well. this have a profound impact on farming as you can not clear cut an area that has high yields as it will slowly whip out a large portion of your farm.

    This is an issue with plants mainly but the game as a entirety as it also effects animals and basically negates any activity players have in the early game aka you cant strip the environment of its resources then have to deal with that later. there will always be more.


    The map generator is a mess bios are spotty and Rivers are more akin to Canyons then rivers why are most rivers 5-8 tiles down to water then another 5-8 tiles deep? anyone?

    other things

    -water wheels in the air?
    -water does not flow? ( cant re direct a river)
    -salt/fresh Water influence ( i filled a "salt river" in a desert in completely with dirt and no change to the " salt water influence area" again dealing with static information on world generation and players unable to actually effect the environment.)
    -to much wild food ( see re-spawns )
    -needs a much deeper skill tree and pre-required items ie basic eng is needed to even use mechanical not just buying a scroll )
    -farming over crowding needs to be addressed the entire point of farming is to allow desired plants in a small area.

  • If you mean that you can't get rid of some trees, I totally agree. We have a 6 man server and started on a plateau. We started to plant trees around it and soon we were totally overgrown by them. We want a clear plateau and trees around it, so I cut down every single sapling und some near trees, but it doesn't help, as soon as I place the wood in our stockpiles and turn back to the freshly cleared area BAM saplings on the exact same spots again! Really annoying.

    Is there any way to block an area from new saplings without destroying the grass and forest around it?

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