idea on teaching specialization

  • Hello

    I was thinking it's quite boring to have a woodconstruction specialist on the server but that he never plays when i am on.

    Maybe add a way for people to teach their skill for a certain amount of time.

    let me explain how i think you could do that:

    When you have all the points in a Speciality, you become a Professional.
    A Professional can teach his skill by printing a "Skill Manual"
    The skill manual is printed in a "press" with paper, of course the press is made by the paper guy, which will by the way make this profession more usefull.
    Each people can only print manual where they are a Professional.
    The manual does not last very long (from 5 min to 15 min maybe ?)

    This would be interesting for at least the contruction professions, (wood,stone,brick,and so on...) no idea if this will be good or unbalance other professions.

    What do you think of this people ?


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