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  • Hello,

    I have a problem with my home server. I have two computers in my network and I play on both of them with an EcoClient. The one computer also runs an EcoServer. The problem is, the computer without the server cant see the server. The computer which runs the server can see it, and is able to login in and play on it. I use the new version
    The same set up worked or still works with the older version The firewall settings are up, so actually if you look in windows10 firewall settings, they are the same for and
    I had the problem with too, after I reinstalled the computer with the server, the problem vanished.

    One think, although I started the server the first time, my user account was already listed in the user tab of the server, but I haven't logged in at that time. So this information comes from the registry I guess.
    Do I have to delete something in the windows registry or somewhere, because of the old Server of

    Btw. love this game :D

  • I could fixed it by using O&O Shutup. Firstly I set it to factory settings and after that I put the recommended and limited recommended settings on. Don't what option exactly was the problem, because I compared it to my other PC and there were no differences.

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