Is changing the Temperature possible?

  • I want to lower the temp of a dirt area, but I cannot seem to find a way to lower the temperature.

    The current Temp is 16c, I want to make it 15c
    I have tried raising the elevation of the soil, and the soil around it, but there is no change at all.

    I made a huge mountain for testing, and raised the dirt about 15 blocks, up to where it should be about 10c, yet it still stayed 16c.
    Has anyone managed to alter the temp ? is it even possible?

  • Cedar tree Yield rate heatmap ends nearby. The house started to glow in that heatmap. Maybe it registers the roof as elevated ground or the basement as lowered. Either way it took some time to update. My house was about 10x10 wide.

    Someone made research on the topic and stated: "The temp and soil moisture is for a 5x5 area, the same size as a claim plot. Temperature and moisture are averaged from surrounding terrain and applied to the entire 5x5 plot.Temperature is regulated by altitude."

    Also: "Moisture is determined by rainfall and terrain drainage. Nutrient depletion is escalated when plots are dense and "overcrowded". Nutrient depletion is minimized when crops have "enough room". You can alter the terrain to change both temperature and soil moisture. It takes 10-30 minutes for any terrain changes to take affect. Fertilizer will alter the entire 5x5 plot it is applied to and will take 10-30 minutes to take affect."

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