Private Servers ... Not working

  • What is this.... I set the server to to private or public server false what says if it's public or not, well soon as we change this
    it just says the server is offline what the HELL I paid a lot of money for this game to set things up and now I can't even set it to
    private I really really ticked off.

    I hope I missing something here, how do you set up a private server on 7.1.2 ?

  • From what I can see the server in the client is not been converted back to a IP, the ip version is working but to domain version does not away's work even tho the domain never changes, since I have many other services running on that system all work find, it seems eco can't convert domains back to a IP right sometimes.

  • Also when I search my server it is not in the list, what's going on, I have it back on pubic server list but it's not finding it, come on guys minecraft get's this part right at lest, we need a direct connection and we need a good way to convert domain back to IP get this sorted will you, a game what is for multi player you not doing this part well.

  • Hi,
    I had the same problem. I could fixed it by using O&O Shutup. Firstly I set it to factory settings and after that I put the recommended and limited recommended settings on. Don't what option exactly was the problem, because I compared it to my other PC and there were no differences.

  • Private servers are servers that can only be accessed via direct ip.

    Simple things to troubleshoot

    Check that the firewall is properly configured for the ports of the running server,
    It might be possible that you need to add port 3001 instead of 3000

  • It was nothing to do with the firewall at all the game does not offer a direct ip connect they offer a fav list support what crashs as the main list is buggy, I fixed this by creating a tool that creates a fav list input for me so it's there before the list trys to populate, this is a game bug NOT a port bug or server but.

    There is times where the game fails to convert the domain to IP in my tool I have also created a temp work around for that, tho I don't support the option I have added it, since I done this I been able to connect fine, also you don't even have to use the server list at all to connect to your fav game, you can also just continue, my app at this moment does this rather then doing the fav list option, since if the server list starts to load it can and does look up peoples PC's even hi end PC's.

    The game does not offer rally a direct connect it's more of a add then connect what slows things down.

    None of your options worked BUT I do thank you for your time guys, it might be useful for someone else but I was not having a port or firewall problem I already new the problem wasn't port related, sorry maybe I sure of said that in the open post lol

  • Well you have repeated your statement multiple times, that's un-needed, however,

    Direct Connect, you add the IP and Port to the favourite list, then click connect (This is what we mean by direct connect).

    The continue button in the menu will allow you to join the last server you played on, or load the local game that you were last playing.

    Here is a short list of things that can go wrong for you not to see a LAN server. yes, LAN.

    • Server is listneing on 2 ports (default game 3000, web 3001) the game port sometimes does not work for some people so they will use the web one and be able to connect.
    • Server might have firewall settings to not allow connections out of it's localhost (meaning anything other then or anything outside of the computer, even if it's a router, it does not accept it)
    • Client might have the port, the server is hosting on, as blocked.
    • Your router, modem, or whatever you're using to have a LAN, might need to forward a port to the server machine.
    • Your router, modem, or whatever you're using to have a LAN, might be blocking the port.

    There are many more variables but the above is a very good starting point.

    Also please point out how you know it's not a port problem/firewall problem.

  • ClayC I have already tested all these and the fav option does not work right and at times does not show until you stop, and refresh the server list or go leave the server list and come back, this is NOT direct connect, direct connect is you enter a address and click connect that is direct connect.

    Like I have said before all the above you have stated have been tested and MY tests have made it clear there is a fault with the game not converting the domain to a IP to connect to how ever it handles the address, I tested this by using IP over domain many times and ever time in our case this has been the fault NOT the port or firewall, I know this is most peoples mistakes but I am not a first timer when it comes to hosting and games.

    The game also fully showed up on lan for all our local users, but not our remote users, when we changed the way we talked to the server via the address only it worked, but this is not a 100% problem it only happens now and then where it just does not view a domain as address and states the game is offline, even tho everything is online and the web ui and everything is fully acceable and the server is pinging fine.

    How do i know it's not a fire wall or port problem, well lets see, when testing we disabled firewalls, even after fully letting the app open on them ports, we DMZ'ed the server, we even had people test via DMZ on there local set up as we have people whom are able to disable full port and firewall options.

    Can you now explain to me why I wouldn't be able to check if it's the port of firewall ? can you explain to me why you would even think someone is unable to do these kinds of things, Also explain to me why you feel when I say there are problems you know the answer and keep telling where to start when I already done this?

  • Most probably we're half way around the world from each other, to trouble shoot a problem you're having, I must first understand, if you don't help me understand your issue, how can I help?
    And how can I know what you know, what you done, what you tested and what not, if I don't ask?

    Relax, take a break, tone it down a little, you're over reacting to a help message.

    At this point most people will just say "you're the one having issues, so I don't care."
    But I'm a nice guys and I do try to help if I can. But please. Be polite. I do not mean any disrespect with my questions and/or troubleshooting steps, but, I do need to understand.

    With this out of the way,
    So the issue you're having is specifically with server that use a domain instead of IP?
    Are you the one setting it up?
    Do you mind sharing the domain name you're trying to setup? (the domain you expect people to connect via)


  • Just ask me what I have tested lol :) you replies feel more like you was guessing I havent tested :)

    But anyway, Yes we been having problems with domains rather then IP, and the domain is now working, it happens on a hard reboot of the software most of the time, Nat disabled or Nat enabled public, the domain is a dynamic domain so we tried dropping down to the subdomain that used and that didn't work, then but all webports worked no matter what domain I used, when I used the Lan version and pressed G rather then giving me a local IP it gave me my remote IP, so I disconnected and tried the domain again, now it's not working and the fav/server list was spazing out,

    So I first when a hunting for that file to see if it was adding them first, and tool some time to fine it but I did find it and it was adding it but I changed the domian to IP it worked, then I changed it back to domain and it worked what I was very confused about, so at first I was blaming the server when it was the client, but now if we have that problem we try the continue with IP and see if that works if it does we then reset it to domain if that works we are all good.

    But I only found this all out myself by tested and hunting for files to see if it was doing it's job since the server list never showed it up even after a few refresh's but then later on it would pop in, so we needed a better way to test this.

    So this is why the Continue Tool is useful for me lol.

    But Ya in the client if we use the domain at times it does not work, then it does, but the domain always pings fine, and no problems at all after this, even after with all clients and networking things restarted it all still worked and remote users are able to connect, it just seems sometimes the client spits at the domain, I can't see what's happening at this point.

    I can't share the domain public but you can find me over at discord you can then drop me a private PM and I can give you url.

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