biotechnology and GMOs

  • I do not much like the ability of gathering to increase the amount of food produced. I know that fertilization, irrigation, mechanization and greenhouses are or will be implemented. so I will not comment on them here, but biotechnology and the ability to create GMOs ( could be a late game ability that can increase crop yields, make plants more resistant, increase the speed of growth, and even add effects to plants such as boosting soil fertility, cleaning the air and pollution. in livestock, more meat for animals, faster growth, less food consumption and characteristics such as stopping to escape, docility and greater fertility. Environmental risks are as important as the benefits, so their use will have to be regulated, well planned and executed to avoid potential problems. or used to solve some problems, avoiding creating others.
    this type of mechanic is extremely difficult to add to a game, some are made only with this mechanic, but made simple enough will add a new layer of depth and options for players.
    please give your ideas and suggestions in the comments

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