Some ideas for better financial and specialization systems

  • I quite like the financial system of eco, but there are some points that I would like to point out some small improvements to facilitate and give better fluidity to the system:

    1. Reorganize the order of store items more easily. now, your I add a new item in a store with another 15, I would have to reorganize by raising the item by that option on the side to raise or lower the item.
    2. In the view of the economy have an advanced search option being able to show only a certain item for sale or being bought or all items that a specific player is buying or selling.
    3. Have the ability to convert backed coin into metal. if to make 10 units of a coin cost a gold bar, then every 10 units of the coin I can reconvert into gold. this is another important reason why backed currency avoids inflation, the currency has intrinsic value and can be used for other things. An additional consideration to this idea is to make it possible to make coins with other metals besides gold (I do not know if it is possible, I never created a coin, but I only see others use gold for it) and make gold (and copper) more useful (I think you're already gonna do this).
    4. Add graphs and statistics on how the server's economy is developing. how to measure and present currency circulation, production capacity, wealth, technological development, GDP per day, etc. and analyze this along with other factors such as pollution and environmental degradation. and the possibility of making laws and taxes with these numbers.
    5. and a system for banking? I do not know, maybe a banking system only runs on really big servers. adding a banking system would make the idea number 3 more viable. because a bank would receive and convert gold into a certain amount of money, and anyone with the same amount of money could come to withdraw the stored gold, as it was in the creation of the banking system and coins in real life. that would put an end to the problem that idea # 3 that you could carry insane amounts of metal anywhere is just converting them into currency. and also printed. banking would also open the door to lending and make the currency conversion make more sense. see for more details, with the help of systems in the game, the problems mentioned can be minimized or even disappear.
    6. an easy way to transfer money to other players via economic view.

    I do not know if one of these next three would work because they play with a fundamental echo system that is the skill points, but I would love to see this more pronounced system that requires even more interaction between players:

    1. would be nice if we specialize in a profession, the specificities of it being easier to acquire. maybe add another multiplier that will lessen the cost of specializing in things of the same profession.
    2. professionals and specialists an area (after having already invested many skill points) can be teachers and give classes to other people. that would not give the ability to the other person, but it would make it easier for the other person to do things in that area (like making price of skill points cheaper).
    3. By doing many times an activity related to an area, this would make the abilities related to that area cheaper.

  • please give your ideas and suggestions in the comments

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