Server Setup Base Parameters

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    Noobs on Eco

    Our group want to understand the meaning ( if possible with some examples ) of the base parameters of a server.

    Here is an extract of our file.

    "$id": 1,
    "CollaborationPreset": "NoCollaboration",
    "UnlearnRefundRate": 0,
    "SpecialtyCostMultiplier": 1,
    "SkillGainMultiplier": 1,
    "SkillPointsPerAction": 0,
    "SkillPointPerCrafttime": 0

    No collab because we want to diminish at max the cost of extra spec for our first test.

    The others are at default because we don't understand all the impacts in game of these base parameters, if someone can explain us , it will be appreciate !!! :)

    Especially for the last one SkillPointPerCrafttime , it will be extra if those parameter can give us some skill points every x hours of craft ?...and how much ?....for what value ? some explanations are really needed please.

    Thanks in advance.

  • So nobody knows about theses base parameters of the game ? ( strange... )

  • The CollaborationPreset is just the name of the preset, obviously.

    The rest are as follows:

    UnlearnRefundRate - The number of skill points refunded when unlearning a skill.

    SpecialtyCostMultiplier - The multiplier applied to the cost of obtaining a specialty from a tech tree.

    SkillGainMultiplier - The multiplier applied to the daily exp gain rate. The higher this is, the more skill points you will get to assign within a given time.

    SkillPointsPerAction - This is how many skill points you are granted for performing an action, like cutting a tree, placing a block (I believe this is correct)

    SkillPointPerCrafttime - This is how many skill points you are granted after completing a build project based on it's duration in seconds. (I think it's seconds.. seems right).

    As for how balanced it is.. that's anyone's guess. How many people do you have.. how often do people play.. is the server permanently online.. etc etc.


  • Thanks for theses infos ! :)

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