[Suggestion] Server Public Web API

  • It seems like a server would benefit from a public Web API, this would make sites like eco server list even more useful.
    The following info would be useful:

    • World Size
    • World Age
    • Maximum player count
    • Private/Public Server (whitelisted)
    • Server Bio (Allows server owner to have random text to display to the player when picking a server)
    • Maximum Simultaneous players
    • Maximum Total Players
    • Currently Connected players

    If the server keeps these stats it would be even better, allowing to build historical statistics. Given that Eco itself is intended to be a data driven game this could prove interesting (like knowing when the server is most active)

    There are hundreds of idea here so having a public OM API to query the server might allow people to develop their own Web API.

  • Yes, we actually have this already, and the laws page uses it! You can dig into that code to see the queries, and we'll be building better documentation soon. All kinds of awesome things players will be able to make with this.

  • 2 years later and I still see no documentation for this

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