Alternative ways to collect wood

  • Hi,
    Currently it's possible to collect wood without cutting trees by using axe on other people's hut walls (it's currenlty possible with in construction, finished or abandoned structures)

    A nice-to-have feature would be to make it impossible to modify other people's buildings (unless contracts are made to grant user the rights to do this i.e. when building or improving structures) - simply not receiving logs would still allow people to ruin or demolish structures.

  • I can't imagine removing the ability to receive material on removing a block is an intelligent way to fix the modification of structures. That just seems a bit backwards to me. Wouldn't it be better to address this via permissions and crime/punishment than though resource return?

  • Actually what you wrote meets the option I suggested "unless contracts are made to grant user the rights to do this i.e. when building or improving structures" - I agree with you that not getting resources would not be the right way to handle this

  • I see. I assumed you had meant contracts as in the word contracts, which is something two parties agree to - rather than permissions which are more one sided or automatic.

  • TBH, I was thinking about contracts, something like:

    • it will be possible to sell services (a good example: house building)
    • asking a skilled carpenter to build / improve my home would be like signing a contract (I pay, you work for me)
    • this is equivalent to give a temporary permission (based on contract deadline) to some user to modify my building, that's why I told you that your suggestion meets mine.

    Did not thoguht about crime/punishment to handle this, that would be applicable too.
    Would still opt for temporary permissions but your alternative is a valid one ;)

  • Yes its supposed to disallow it due to permissions, theres some bugs relating to this though. Something we'll be sorting out soon.

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