New Player - Issue List

  • As a new player, I have fresh eyes for problems that maybe the devs can't see, so here's my short list:

    • You can't carry much at a time. Even when upgrading your skill points, it seems like the amount of things like wood we can carry at once is very small. I spent 75% of the time trying to build my house going back and forth to my supplies to pick up more. After a while I couldn't help but think... isn't there a better game to waste my time with? The grind portion of this game FEELS grindy.

    • There's no easy way to see property boundary lines after you use up your property markers. You can see on the map, but not in first person. Makes it confusing to know if you're building on your property or not.

    • Much of the user interface is inconsistent with how it works. Sometimes ESC opens settings menu, while other times it dismisses a dialog. If you use E to view inventory in your supply bin, E does not exit it. But ESC does. Other times, when a window pops up, ESC does not work. I constantly found myself trying to get out of dialogs and having a hell of a time doing it.

    • The Skill tree makes zero sense to an uninitiated player. Maybe use different icons or at least have the skills labelled without a mouse over? It was very confusing to get a skill, and see below it that I could get the same skill again at level 0.

    • No way to place skinny flat wood like floors. Very disappointing.

  • For carrying things, eventually you get carts.

    As for boundary lines, yeah, I try to save at least one stake to help find them easier, and build on the edges a little to give myself a marker, They make construction markers that work well for this.

    As for the UI, you can hit Tab to bring up the cursor or put it away. This is handy for some things like pulling up the map, but still being able to move around.

    A lot of the skills are not fully fleshed out, they still give the bonuses, but don't have the associated text to go with it. Some of the 0 point skills below are enhancements, either in efficiency or in speed.

    Best way to do floors is to just build the large block for the base, it connects together and makes a nice floor out of wood.

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