[Client Bug] 7.2.0 Staging bugs

  • Server, Client or Website? Seems to be Client Side

    OS/Web Browser? WIN10 64bit

    Detailed Description of Issue: First, great job on the quick patch and server performance updates! I am really enjoying this game!

    Couple things I have noticed pretty quickly when joining a server:

    • When I harvest Camas bulbs with shovel or picking beets (may be every plant), it picks them up, but the model still stays in the ground. You cannot re-harvest/dig it again, but the original model remains in the ground.
    • When carrying Stone or Logs before you have a stockpile and your place them on the ground. They become transparent or just disappear. Sometimes you can pickup the invisible stone/logs if you remember where you placed them, but they are mainly invisible. Once you place in stockpile, you can see them.**

    Reproducible? How difficult is it to reproduce? Easily

    Steps to reproduce bug/issue:

    • Pick up Log/Stone, place on bare ground
    • Harvest Camas bulb with wooden shovel or Beets, notice the model is still there, but cannot pick up another plant

    Additional Comments: Logging off the server and back on seems to fix the above problem. When I log back on I can see the once invisible logs/stone and cannot see the pre-harvested plants.

    Client Version? Staging 7.2.0

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