A solution to global currency issues: a Log Standard Currency

  • Tired of minted currency inflation?

    Create a (or several) stockpile(s) with a store: 1$ for 1 log and vice-versa (using the admin's personal currency for trust?).
    You can now have prices expressed in logs in every stores.

    What do you think of this idea?

    The stockpiles capacity of the bank is limited. If the bank has x stockpiles, you can sell "x * stockpile capacity" logs for "x * stockpile capacity" $, no more. So the total amount of $ is limited, you can't have inflation because all players sell all of theirs woods to the bank.

    The total amount of $ is limited, but you know that every $ is a log located at the bank. So when you sold something for $, at least you haves logs, not just a credit with no counterpart! And if you choose gold as the counterpart, because I do not consume it, no value for me.

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