Underground house

  • So, my server got a reset, and when I logged no one was around. So I decided to walk around and maybe I could found where any one settled down... Sadly I wasn't able to found any building. So I started to at least be able to farm for food. And only build the first building at the side of a hill.
    After that I searched for a place to plant some seeds, So I went around the hill and for my surprise (and rage because I could have used that building instead of building it again) there was 3 buildings finished. So I got sad because my work was in vain (Those were much better building with rock and decent roof, mine was only with logs :( ), and I traveled like 5 times jumping across the hills. After that I got tired and decided to make a tunnel xD

    So I wanted to share how it looks like. And know what do you think, because I build my house inside the tunnel xD
    Check it out: https://youtu.be/8w2cFb6dxRk

    TL; DR: Watch the video and tell me what you think :)

  • I try to sink most of my buildings into the side of hills or bury them underground, I find it saves resources as long as you use the recommended amount of required materials. I have a few buildings built into the side of a cliff not far from your location, and have my house hidden underground.

    Great location with your house, though if you are trying to hide it find something a little more subtle to mark it as i found it easily with the torches lightning the tunnels

  • Do we think that the "ideal" home will form and we will lose some of the creativity and such that you see in other sandbox type games? I was thinking something like this as I was building a house waiting for all the requirements to become green. The instant they became green I would stop building, regardless of holes in the roof and whatnot.

    I guess it comes down to the "role play" aspect. I like my home/building looking nice even at the cost of a couple more bits of resources.

    For those of you looking to maximize, I'm sure the "underground" or "cliff" home will be a frequent build :)

  • i like to build my buildings in cliff faces and underground but that doesnt mean i slack on the creativity on them. I like to have my buildings look nice and ill often go out of the way to add that little something extra to make my buildings flow together

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