How owns Eco Discord

  • I just been rudely told because I host my friends server for him as he as no idea how, and his internet connection could not copy with hosting and playing, that he as to do asking for all the help and I have no right to ask, this is rude and prefect telling someone that they can't get help to do something they don't understand.

    The mod Pam also says things like no user is willing to test when someone ask for support, I find this god dam rude, I also asked for links and information about hosting and the rules of hosting as I am thinking about setting up a host for the game, there are some changes needed to be done or see if it's already out to see if it can be controlled by php, but I been told I am not OK to host the game for him because I have to put the files on the server for him, I do offer people web hosting on another platform what is Linux I have my network already set up for ftp and other things to that box, and it would be a piss take for the files to be sent from that host to the windows box and since there is no remote control panel for him he asks me to change things.

    I find this person very rude, I also had some faults others had when setting up his server, so I explained what I have done to get it working, and Pam replied to me refuering I was wrong, I bloody did it so how the hell am I wrong, I also gave back support to others, and then I told I not aloud support and kicked from the dam server.

    If this is how Eco want's to run I will pay for my friend to get Minecraft and I will set him that up, end of the day very simuler game play from what I can see, I know he likes it as he plays it when he comes over, and I can set up so many things for the game, I was hosting minecraft servers for years before even buying the game or understanding what the games all about, now I own, mod and host minecraft servers and if I have a problem I got help and if I new something I was not attacked for helping others.

  • But he is right, to Host the Game you Need to own the Game, thats the Rule.

  • Sorry but that's not right a user can pick to get there hardware from whom and where they want, just because if host it for him dose not mean I have to own it, it's no different if he went out and got a vpc, only problem at the moment is I can't offer him remote access via the internet, what I am looking to fix in the future, but the user was not right to be a rude in your face person and then tell you other members that no one wants to test, this makes the discord look like no one give's a flying F about anyone, the user was in your face to almost everyone I say them talk to at the time I was there, still does not answer whom is the owner or admin of the discord channel.

    As I research more in to this I might become a host for the platform and if I do I would be buying the none steam version of the game, if I am going to be creating a means to host I would also need game access to test, since at the moment it's not the case I provide a system for a friend to host his own game on there is no rule been broken there, I don't provide the game or files, he is 100% the owner of the content I am the owner of the hardware.

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