• I am hosting a friend at the moment who owns the game, but I want to offer updated hosting for users, do I still have to buy the game to be a host or is there some kind of package for hosts?

    Reason I ask means I don't have to wait for my friend to send his server updates to me I can push updates when eco release them, there many hosts out there but I find now info on how to become a real host rather then a self host.

    Can someone point me to the right place on how we become a host of eco rather then me giving hosting space to a friend for eco, thanks.

  • To host the Game for someone else, you Need to own a Game Copy, nothing else.
    Even comercial Hosters Need to buy the Game one time.

  • Problem is I can't seem to see any means to control it via a php control panel, I only thought about maybe doing a server for the software yesterday when my friend asked me to help him make his game better, I provide him a PC at my house to host his game on, but since it's windows server at the moment and have windows remote access blocked we have to take the long way around to setting things up for him.

    Is there any hosters here what could maybe shed some light on this, or are they just using some VM preconfiged rig I not really wanting to reply on a windows host or pushing linux to do windows things, I know it can support the game without wine from what I have read.

    At this point I thinking mostly not hosting wide scale as it would mean a rebuild of my set up at the moment for normal hosting and Minecraft, but it's something I still wanting to research.

    But I do like what I see of the game, I been hosting my friends server for a few weeks now and I getting the itch to maybe getting the game myself.

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