No Servers anymore...

  • Hey there,

    from one day to the other there where no servers in the browser anymore.

    I already checked the firewall settings. They are good.

    I tried to start the game with disabled firewall and anti virus. It does not work.

    If I try to start a game by clicking "New" it connects for hours and nothing happens. -> I can't even play the game locally.

    What confuses me the most, that on another computer which logs in from the same network the game works flawlessly.

    I even tried to reinstall ECO several times and deleted the registry entry too. (are there some hidden files somewhere?)

    I really reached the end of my knowledge here and hope someone can help with this issue, otherwise I think I have to claim a refund since I can't play this game, not even solo when I host on the local machine. :-/


    I play via Steam

  • This is the solution to the problem. I would suggest adding it to the Troubleshooting FAQ!

    Thanks alot to HesitantKarma!

    @HesitantKarma said:

    Found the solution. Go to C:\Users[username]\AppData\LocalLow\ and delete the "StrangeLoopGames" folder.



  • @pitufocabeza said:

    Troubleshooting FAQ

    Hello , i've the same problem , what the solution ?

  • @Krak974 said:

    Hello , i've the same problem , what the solution ?

    He literally wrote it in the post above yours..

  • Ow ... sorry , I'm don't really good in english so , thanks xD

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