A miner's life

  • Hello

    I am a miner and right now it's really boring to excavate a lot of goodies.

    I have mining all leveled up and the problem is that, other than reducing calories used, there is no real benefit.

    What could arrange that is being max level, you could not be forced to break stone or mineral in pieces. i mean not having to break the stone twice (u know the yellow rock that you can't pick up and have to break again)

    we need a way as a miner to avoid doing that. being through skills or Tools.


  • I like that idea you should think about adding it to the github.


    Also there is a high-tech tool for late game mining which smashes and picks up the rubble, the excavator it's a little tricky to get used to at first but greatly speeds up mining

  • Hey

    Thinking more about it, the tool level shall add to mining too. the higher tier the tools, the more comfortable you should be when mining.

    Let's say If you want to break a material without having to rebreak the yellow blocks, you have to have a pickaxe made of a higher tier:

    for exemple:

    To mine Stone you need Iron pick (if you have a lower pick, like stone, u have to rebreak yellow stone, when you reach iron, no more of that)
    To mine Iron you need Steel pick
    To mine Copper you need Modern pick
    Gold, not possible, you always have to rebreak yellow blocks.

    That's just my opinion, do what you want guys, i love the game anyway :p

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