Growth of plants

  • WOW - thanks for the quick reply

    Play single player game on LAN with my son.

    That will take forever to grow anything.

    Is there a file that can be changed to speed this up

  • I'm pretty sure there is a config file that can be modded to speed up growth but I'm not sure which one it would be.

    Also the single player or local hosted version of the game may have a slightly faster growth rate to begin with as it's not running all the time the growth would likely have been modified with this in mind

  • @emmeck Any hints on gettting cedar trees to actually grow? In single player all of mine die everytime, I have checked with sampler and they are 80%+ habitability and have abundant room.

  • @Ignatius127 all the info I have read regarding planting trees recently seems to indicate that planted trees die pretty quickly after planting.

    Hopefully this will be fixed in a update sooner rather than later

  • @emmeck Thank you, I was wondering if it happened to be a bug or part of game play.

  • Yes there is a config you can change!

    In a long term of testing, I figgured out which.

    You can Edit the MaturityAgeDays of each Plant in the EcoSim config.

    Eg Birch trees need 4 days to grow, you will find in the Data:

    DisplayName: Birch
    MaturityAgeDays: 4

    edit the number behind the last one and you will have a much faster growing plant.
    notice that the Number behind is always counted in full days! I recommend 0.02 for any trees and 0.003 for plants.

    I hope it helped

  • You can access it in Server UI


  • In My opinion the growth rates of plants make sense when you play on a Server thats online 24/7.

    I mean most of the day you sleep or work anyway so its cool. Still the growth of trees is pretty slow.

    For my Single Player game right now I manage to get through everything using /eat. Since the "server" is offline when I am not playing. I have to play 19 hours non stop for my tomatoes to grow. In the mean time I have basically eaten everything that occurs in the wild.

    Instead of editing every plant manually to make it somewhat playable It would be cool to have (at least for single player) a function for a Plant-Growth Multiplier.. The Multiplier for Skill-Points on SP seems to be 24. So why not using the same for plants... I mean apart from the obvious reason that things Like trees would overgrow the whole planet in no time.

    I think waiting 6 hours for a tree is somewhat reasonable on Singleplayer. For tomatoes, corn and what not it should not be longer than 1 to 2 hours.

    Even tho the bug that was recently fixed that plants grow instantly on server start was helping very well on SP: Every hour when food supply was low I just relogged and was able to harvest everything again. That was pretty cool.

  • You can speed up your world Chat >> /openserverui >> Simulation >> Config >> TimeMult.
    Just take your time end explore the server ui as you may find some other tweaks appropriate for your single player world.

  • @Thineboot Hi, thank you.

    Didnt know about that command. Ill make sure to try it out. Do these settings apply instantly or do I have to reload the world after changing settings?

  • Server restart is afaik always necessary. In case I'm wrong tell me, please. I'm just a player like you ;)

  • @Thineboot Yeah restart is necessary.

    and Ill have to figure tis out. when on SP the skill multiplier should not stay on 24 when setting the time to like 5 because you would gain 120 times as much skill poins as normally...

  • Normally you're sleeping and gaining skill points, too. Your personal decision how fast or slow you wanna go.

  • Thank you everyone for this thread. Trees were a major pain for me, I was planting and replacing more than I harvested, but nothing ever grew.

    I've changed my SP game over to a 4 hour grow time for trees (that seems sufficiently painful).


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