Fishing doesn't work

  • I tried fishing and have "caught" a few fish now but when i try to reel them in they just disappear and don't get added to my hot bar or my inventory.

  • I think I read something about this on github. Did the appear when you logged out and back in?

  • I have the same problem. When I catch it, it keeps jiggling but I can't really reel it in. I got to really catch one (in my inventory bar) but I don't know how I did it.
    Edit: Actually, after I disconnect/reconnect, fishes I caught eventually appear in my inventory.

  • This is currently a high prio issue on github.

    No ETA yet though.

    Hope they will fix it soon.

  • i had this issue but i had them in my inventory despite the fact i could not see it. i was able to create chard fish at the campfire. Even with fishing getting fixed i only use the traps they catch fish for you so you can do other things. they are way better.

  • I was having the same issue and it is annoying but disconnecting from the server and then reconnecting caused the fish to appear for me. I would have to do this each time I reeled in a fish so it is not very convenient but it worked for me.

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