Grumpy Gamers UK - No Meteor - Gathers Needed - Lots of Jobs

  • To join our community and server you will now need to visit discord. Once on discord you will need to leave a whitelist application.

    We are still looking for players so please don't let this put you off.

    Server Information
    Grumpy Gamers UK

    We will be running the server with default settings to begin with. No meteor for now. Server will only be reset when we are forced too, or the community agrees to it.

    Community and trade is are main focus, as well as trying to keep a sound ecological balance.

    We will use Discord -

    I will be around to chat on there if you have any questions


  • I'am also around most evenings and weekends for any assistance.

  • Lots of Jobs now available

    e.g. Fish gathering, Wood chopping

  • Hey, im new trying to get into the game. Do you still have rolm on your server for another guy?

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