Cube World

  • So it just popped into my head.. would it be possible to make the world into a cube?

  • With the current way the game works, obviously not.

    Why do you want this?

  • Fun fact: the Eco world is not a sphere :D

    The map is a plan with coordinates (x;y), and the north side is joined to the south side (the plan became a cylinder), and the west side is joined with the east side (the cylinder became a torus also called a donut).

    Proof: On a sphere, if you go to the north and a friend to the east, you will meet in the opposite side of the world, and if you continue to walk straight, re-meet at your starting place.
    Here, on an Eco world, you will not meet in the opposite side of the world, you can walk straight and only re-meet at your starting place, not possible on a sphere.

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