Logging into my own server as a new character

  • So I've been running my own server for the past few days, and it has all been going fine. Tonight, however, I logged into my server and it sent me to character creation. I checked the users list, and it shows Nordin The Lich and Nordin The Lich#2. I tried to disconnect and reboot the server, then reconnect, but it still sent me to character creation. How can I fix this and log back in as my original character?

  • This was an issue about a week ago.
    The way I fixed it was to login to the game through the exe and not with steam.
    This may fix your problem if you have a slg account

  • I will give that a shot, thank you. However, I am not sure if I have an SLG account. To be honest, I'm not sure what SLG stands for...

    Edit: I tried that out and unfortunately I do not have an account with SLG. Would you happen to have any other ideas on how I could fix this issue? If the only thing I can do is restart my server (meaning a complete wipe, not just a reboot) then that is totally fine, we were only a day in and we are a pretty easy-going group that does not mind starting over.

  • I'm not sure of any other workaround for this problem.
    Hopefully someone else has some fix for this sorry my idea didn't help

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