Steam server, cant play on my other computer...?

  • So I have steam open on another computer with the server running. On my other computer I boot up steam and try and play eco and I get an error:

    You are logged in on another Computer already playing "Eco Server".
    Launching "Eco" here will disconnect the other session from steam.

    I was able to do this exact thing with 7DTD....

  • Anyone?

  • I have the same issue. I want to put my server on another computer but it's running with steam API so you have to be connected with your steam account for launching the server but we can't open the same Steam account on two different computers. So the only solution I could see was to recover the server files on the SLG site, but the problem is that the link to the steam account is disabled. With a manual server setup it would work but for the moment it's not possible.

  • Hi, anyone has the link for server setup ?

  • Just go to the games local files on steam. There should be a folder under Eco_Data called Server. Copy that to your server computer and setup and run the server with that. Works the same, just won't use steam <.<

  • Ye i saw that yesterday, thank you for your answer.

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