My Time in ECO Since the Steam Release

  • First the good. I love it. It's addicting. Its beautiful and I am drawn to it in ways I cant even fully describe or understand. I enjoy the multi player aspect of it, perhaps more than I ever have in any other game of a similar type. Its fresh and interesting and I want more. Overall, I have had a blast and I feel like I got my money's worth.

    OK, things that need work IMO.

    1. Server stability: Right now, if there are more than about 15 people on, its just not worth playing. Too many crashes for whatever reason. There have been some good gains in this area but much more is needed.
    2. The Knowledge Wall: Especially starting off as a noob, I felt like this game hides the rules and mechanics too much. I dont get why we cannot have access to more in game info on how the game actually works. The wiki needs a lot more work too.
    3. Trees - Regrowing these is way too punishing and not in line with other farming mechanics. Please see my other post.
    4. Construction: I feel like everyone should have default access to all building forms. People want to build their own houses. Simply buying the material should grant everyone access to building windows, roofs, doors etc. If you don't like that, perhaps make it easier for people to sell windows, doors, roofing etc, that can be placed and picked back up again by anybody.
    5. Trash - Let us have a mechanic to delete things. I know, I know. Real life, trash is a problem. So give us a mechanic to burn it at the cost of air pollution or something. I've got chest after chest just full of seeds. How about turning seeds into fertilizer or pitch?
    6. More inventory control. Shift clicking and the ability to white/black list chests for certain items. I want to be able to right click on one object and have it pull everything I have set up into the appropriate chest!
    7. The duping cart problem is...getting silly. Enough said.
    8. Player to player trade. Having to set up false sales at a store is silly.
    9. Player animated emotes. Running by people on the server with no way to wave or acknowledge them is weird.

    That's all I can remember at the moment. Again, great game and I love it. These are just some things that would help make it better.


  • I agree with most if not all of your list. But for devs to see this you will be better off posting on github.

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