-[Not enjoyable content] Farming-

  • Farming i feel in this state is not as it should be.

    As a sandbox with the pollution and such of real life farming is too big of a problem in the early game.

    Crops weigh wayyyy to hard on the land they were given.
    Example: Trees and plants start screaming they dont have enough space when there is nothing near.
    Screenshot_21.jpg For this reason going into the skill tree of farming is not even worth it.

    Water on land is also a problem even if there are trees growing on that land and a lot of bushes it can still say the water level is very low. When i place dirt next to water it still has almost no water in it.

    Maybe instead of aquaducts we should have watering cans for the early game since you need a lot of wood etc wich will thin out the forests and it will be really hard to replace those.
    I may have seen something over my head but almost no one knows how to work with plants in this game.

    It should be less of a "get everything right, OR!" and more of an "this 3x3 area is has these values" wich you can impact with farming tools.