Boards not producing

  • Hi

    I have just started playing today and have got the basic stuff worked out on how to produce different items and gather materials and also skill for different skills and so on but when trying to make Boards and I have enough materials nothing happens. It just says 100% materials but time just stands still at 0%

    Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?


    I'm having it indoor and can see it says something about being in a room and some red cross. How can I move it?

    *Update again:

    After making a new one and placed it outside it still says it's in a room. Any ideas?

  • Most tables in the game need to be indoors in the stats tab it will tell you how much of a certain material it needs along with room size it needs.
    Also for it to count as a room you need a 2x1 door and windows can be 1x1 or 1x2

  • Okey but how do I build doors and windows without the carpentry table?

  • Seems all it needed was a roof so build a basic hewblock roof for it and it worked

  • @Gunnier yer all rooms need 4 walls a floor and a roof. Once you can make doors you can have 2x2 doorways as long as you put doors on them

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