My Experience with Repopulating Trees. Help Please.

  • How it is:
    Its too punishing and not fun. Why even try?
    It creates an unhealthy environment on the server. IE, everyone needs wood but no real mechanic exists to make it renewable.
    Fully specced, you get 6 seeds for about 10-20% of leaves chopped - Way too few. Every other crop is drowning in seeds.
    The entire server is full of trees with most of their leaves chopped away.
    Leaves take a very long time to grow back - If ever. It takes so long, I havent noticed any yet.
    Heat maps are not that helpful. Even at the center of a yield map, crops have a 10-30% chance way too frequently.
    Saplings die way too quickly and easily.
    There is no dead sapling graphic. This makes it more tedious and time consuming to constantly run around the server using the sampler to figure out what is going on.
    Saplings die almost all the time and are too sensitive to over crowding.
    The few saplings that make it, take 120 hours under optimal conditions (which never exist) to mature.
    I spend too many hours attempting this only to have it fail most of the time.

    How it should be:
    Seeds drop like crazy with the gathering spec. (Just like they do with every other crop)
    If planted within the proper heat yeild map, saplings should only fail 15-20 percent of the time.
    You need a dead tree sapling graphic
    Tree leaves grow back more quickly or come up with another seed generation mechanic
    Oak and fur saplings please.
    More accurate heat maps.
    Less over crowding problems. Real forests have trees crammed all over the place.
    Faster growth times. Trees should fully grow in three or fewer days.
    We need a mechanic to allow decorative planting of trees on our bases. IE, plant wherever and whichever type we want.

    I get it. Trees are precious and hard to grow back. I get the message trying to be sent. However, its too much. It makes everyone just say screw it. It's disheartening. After 9 days, people are cruising around on powered carts and I'm still mucking around trying to get one in ten damn saplings to take. Wood is just not fun or even interesting. Its way too punishing. Why even try? Not to mention we have a huge demand for it on the server, and no real mechanic to make it renewable.

    Thank you for listening.

  • Heartily agreed. My worldgens, so far, have been really sparse on the trees to begin with, so the lack of reasonable reforestation is pretty alarming.

  • Agree, Bump.

  • I've only been playing for a couple of days -- I have a level 4 logging, level 4 forest forager. I cut every leaf I can reach, every limb I can, and I have never seen a single tree seed. Any hints?

  • Hi, knodel. Non native and new to the game here. A planter with 0 level forestry I am able to almost repopulate what I cut down.

    Heres what I noticed so far:

    1. Cutting the branch of an erect tree destroys the seed. Que is a distinctive "chop" sound"
    2. Cutting the leafs of an erect tree has a chance to drop seed(s). Someone said the chance is 15-20% for an old version of the game. No "chop" sound.
    3. Even dead, erect trees may drop seeds.
    4. A fallen tree never gives seeds.
    5. Someone spoke about an old version that alive, erect trees will regrow their leafs. A possible way to farm seeds.

    To Selway:

    The game is about managing hard to- or non-renewable resources. Seems to me like an incentive to good, meaningful decisions. Replanting trees is costly, hard and not much worth it. Much like what we observe in real life. Cherish what we got.
    Low drop chances are a way to keep the wood constantly relevant. The game already gave us a way to save the forests by laws making. And an incentive to save it by needing wood and keeping the sea levels low.
    Heat maps are, in my opinion accurate but lack details. Adds realism and requires player skill to read them properly. Its hard to find the, as you say, center of a heat map.
    Even if you find the center, it still could be lower than optimal. You could always find another extremum or terraform. Moisture can be modified with nearby water bodies. Burying them or bringing them with aqueducts, pipes. Temperature of a 5/5 sector depends on height. Seems to be the average of the sector. Underground mines may interfere. Example: the edge of a heat map for a plant borders with my house. The roof of my house is sunlike glowing.
    Actual soil tolerance is the same for the whole sector. Many factors may affect a given sector. A heat map is so precise, it shows you the factors meter by meter but actual tolerance is the average for the sector.
    Not having a que for dead saplings is a pain, I agree.
    I would for someone to explain to me how overcrowding is calculated.
    I've noticed some plants are more sensitive to different factors. A certain plant is very sensitive to slightly lower temperature but doesnt mind high temp. Makes sense for the trees to need space.
    In a (modded) server on 7.0.5, plants and trees are shown with a constant time to mature, regardless of soil tolerance. Sampler says tolerance affects their survival rate. Someone said about an old version, a plant with zero tolerance has about 50% chance to survive.

    I like the game so far but everyone has its own preferences and tastes.
    Whatever we talk about, it may all be subject to change. The game is still in active development and such game balances should be the last to change. Features are balanced after all features are introduced.

    They might let us fiddle with the stats and chances when creating a world. So there would be a preferred world for anyone. I love the game so far and I hope it stays on the right track.

  • Hello Eco-friends.
    Very new to the game, i'm playing with friends and i'm looking forward repopulating trees.

    Recently i stacked 50 cedar tree seeds and went to plant them on decent conditions (100% temp match, 50%+ moisture match).
    I tried to space them with only 1 tile since i didnt find much land fitting the requirements. I assumed it would be ok based on another forum thread but that might be outdated : most of saplings died (roughly 75%) within first 15mn after planting them.

    Does anyone know if they might be dying of overcrowding? Does overcrowding take other plants/grass into account, or just other trees?

    Thank you for any insights about this wonderful game!

  • Hello Knodel. Im sorry I just saw this. You need to put points into Gathering. Apparently there is a very low chance for seeds to drop without it but its too low to be viable.

    Trepach - Yeah man, I get all that. The point is, its too punishing and not fun. Our server is managing all that. It's the number one issue we all work on. Several people are all working on replanting trees. Annnnnnd, its just not fun or successful. We see what everyone else is doing in their specialties and we are wallowing along getting 1 in 10 saplings to even take and half of those die at the mid stage. Not to mention it takes at least 5 days for them to grow under the most optimal conditions. Oh, and lets not even talk about over crowding.

    This is not fun. It is not in line with other mechanics of the game either. It also creates irritability among players because of the lack of wood and trying to repopulate.

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