The affect of Weather and Natural Disasters

  • Rains, droughts, snow storms and tornadoes. Earthquakes and volcanos! Each one can cause profound affects both locally (Tornado) or globally (pollution caused by a active Volcano). Along with that:

    • Rains make crop grow, and give animals water to drink.
    • In drought food is scarce and maybe the animal population dies off some, and watermills are affected.
    • Snow storms freeze water and again decrease animals and food sources.
    • Tornados would be a more localized disturbance, but it could uproot trees or damage buildings and crops.
    • Earthquakes can form cracks in the ground, that while it can destroy the ground, can also help miners find valuable minerals.
    • Volcanos would have a global effect on everything in the world. Plant and animal life would be effected and would decrease in health and numbers, the ones closest too the volcano being affected the most. But, as a upside maybe fertile land is created around the volcano, in the midst of the ruins, that is great for farming.

    So has there been any thoughts on weather and natural disaster (not world ending ones ) and how big ( if any ) role they will play in the eco system of Eco.

  • These would be great. We do want to have other disasters you have to deal with besides the meteor, and these are some good candidates.

  • @SnowHalo I like how there are pros and cons to some of these events. I'm not a fan of when new features are only obstacles to overcome.

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