Can't put stone/wood etc. in masonry table or anything else by right-clicking

  • So as the topic title says... And sometimes I cannot even drag them in. What is the problem? Thanks in advance!

  • have you tried using a stockpile and linking it to the table?

  • Yes, that works well! Can I put stuff in masonry table that someone else built if it's on my own property? Is there a way to make everything open for everyone? I'm playing with one friend on a server that I made so it would be nice to change it that way. :)

  • you can add them to the deed. that way they will have access to everything on your claimed land.
    however they will need to link the storage themselves when they are making things

  • That works, too. But I still cannot seem to put stuff in my friends projects. If his project needs stone for example, I cannot transfer it.

  • is this on your claimed land or theirs?
    if your land it will depend on which storages they have linked

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