Live Zombies

  • I usually don't post about/promote my game on other games forum but the description of this section made me change my mind by "games doing unique things" and that is what other have said about my game.

    A few month back before my time was to limited by a kid i started a hobby game that is free for anyone to play. Its a classical survival game but with the twist that its a live streaming game.
    You don't require to stream while playing but it will help you allot, you could just allow your friends or family watch from your back while you play (if you want the extra aid).

    So while you play, others has downloaded a free Android app (sorry Apple users, but i don't have the budget) where they connect into your game. They will then gain points every seconds and points based on how well you play (completing Achievements).
    The points are later used to send commands into the game you are playing. I have some commands already but i want more.

    A few commands is:

    • Control the weather.
    • Control day and night
    • Spawn Zombie behind the player
    • Spawn (Air drop) Loot Crate of different sized and contents.
    • Add player effect as glow and speed.
    • Finish the crafting queue.

    Other key features:

    • Voxel terrain with Caves and ores.
    • "Endless" world
    • Module house constructions
    • Achievement progression - Unlock new crafting and features with achievements
    • Farming
    • Brewing (Alcohol anyone?)

    Downlaod page
    Android app
    Gamejolt <- Has gif's

  • Some gameplay video would be nice.

  • @DareO said:

    Some gameplay video would be nice.

    Made this video for some Gifs, dont show much but its something i guess.

    Next time i do a Live Stream i will record it and edit it a bit for the "Highlights" but i dont have allot of time atm.

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